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Will Broyles

Will serves as the executive officer for a private investment firm in Shreveport. He has been blessed to work in many areas of industry. Will first became an entrepreneur while completing his degree at Baylor University where he developed a boxing program for the inner city youth of Waco. He has been an executive in entertainment management, live event promotions, oil and gas services, transportation services and more. He has a passion for innovation and disrupting status quo, a perspective that brings value to any client looking to continue growing. Will also enjoys spending time with his three kids, fishing indiscriminately, and staying engaged with his local community.

Jim Broyles

Jim serves as the financial officer for a private investment firm in oil and gas services, transportation services, warehousing and logistics, and entertainment management. He completed his Bachelors’ at the University of Virginia before spending some time in banking/finance and eventually completing business school at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Beyond his work, you can find Jim playing guitar, reading up on zoning ordinances, or running his bird dog around the bayous of Louisiana.


  • Documentary series delves into local history

    ”It started out as promotional type videos, but then when I got down here and started digging through the history, connecting with historians, going to bars and listening to the stories – we realized the history was so interesting that it could speak for itself and show that the city is awesome...“

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  • The Shape of Shreveport Doc Series: Homegrown & Needed

    An underlying love for the City shapes the tone and substance of The Shape of Shreveport. Still, each 15-minute standalone episode, while refusing to pull punches, will emphasize Shreveport’s missed opportunities.

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  • Film Series Unearths Shreveport Stories

    “When you grow up in Shreveport, it’s easier to have a negative view of your hometown than to have a positive view,” admits Will Broyles. “It comes from a disconnection from the past.” With the release of a series of new documentary shorts, Broyles and his brother, Jim, aim to reshape perceptions about Shreveport’s past and future.

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  • You don't know Shreveport

    Will Broyles thought he knew his family's history, but after his grandfather passed he discovered accomplishments he'd never known before. “It started by wanting to see where the roots were,” Broyles said. “When my grandfather died I didn't know how many businesses he had owned. I started looking at the history of my grandfather and great grandfather started coming across these stories.”

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Shape of Shreveport
The Perfect Home Children's Book

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The Perfect Home


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